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Commissions are OPEN! ilianagatto

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 30, 2016, 2:10 PM

Hi guys, letting you know that my commission slots are open:

Chibi: 20 USD
Chibi Fluttershy by framboosi  Chibi Mizumi-chan by framboosi 


Portrait: 20 USD

Kuro Tanimori by framboosi  Fluttershy by framboosi 


Waist up: 25 USD

Harime Nui by framboosi   I got the Music by framboosi  My name is Mizumi by framboosi  Kula Diamond - King of Fighters by framboosi


Thigh up: 30 USD

Long time no see by framboosi  Tanks for the Memories by framboosi  Tsundere PinkiePie by framboosi


Full body: 35 USD
Fluttershy Yay by framboosi  Sweet Sweetie Belle by framboosi  Little Fluttershy by framboosi

◉ Adding an extra character is 5 USD less. 
◉ Adding a detailed background would be charged separately. 
◉ Depending on the complexity of the character, i might have to add cost. This is when the character has a complicated armor, weapons, pets, etc.
◉ I do draw ecchi/ nudes just not Hentai. 
◉ I use Paypal; please make sure to pay for the service (tax) if you are making a transaction, i've had problems with people over this and it's always awkward. ◑_◑

◉ My procedure:

1 - You send your idea, with references for the character and pose.
2 - We agree on price.
3 - Full payment is sent along with a notification note and your email through dA.
4 - Finished drawing is sent to your email in 11 x 17 '' 300 dpi .PDF file is sent to you, along with a smaller JPG sized one for web view.

Note: if character has a big booty, or big breasts or whatever, i will send you a screenshot of the sketch so you can tell me if you want them smaller/larger.

◉ Timeframe: 

I draw from Thursdays to Sundays and you can see your commission come to live on Twitch!! (well... if it's not mature lol);
this means that you'd get it that same week you pay for it, this is if there are not many commissions in front of you.

Not me if interested
°˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

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